Imagine You and Me: The Aldub Movie ?>

Imagine You and Me: The Aldub Movie

With my previous post about Aldub, apparently I was hooked by their phenomenal story especially in Kalyeserye. But gone are the days when I often checked Instagram and Twitter for any news about them. Quite amusingly though, my 71 year-old Mom is still a huge fan of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. From day 1 to date, she never fails to watch Kalyeserye at noon time, and still watches replay and anything about Aldub on You Tube and Facebook all day, yep, whole day! I’m not complaining though, I am actually grateful to Aldub because they are her ‘happy pill’.

So when their movie Imagine You and Me hits the Cinema on July 13, my Mom was very excited to watch (as expected, hehe!). We decided it would be best if we’re going to see the movie 3 days later, assuming there would be less moviegoers. Boy, we’re so wrong! We went to Marquee Mall and there were no available seats left. So, Robinson’s San Fernando was our next option since, definitely, SM Pampanga is jam-pack.

At Robinson’s, here’s what welcomed us:



Yes, they are all lined-up to watch Imagine You and Me! I was surprised, I have never seen such a long queue for a movie, except during MMFF in December. It wasn’t captured on my camera, but both sides of the hallway are also filled with moviegoers sitting in mono blocks, waiting for their turn. Although I felt sorry for my Mom ’cause we weren’t able to watch the Aldub movie that day, and however tired I was from driving from Marquee Mall to Robinson’s which is about 18 km distance; I sensed the feeling of being proud for Alden and Maine (they don’t even know me! Haha!). That experience taught me a lesson as well, that next time an Aldub movie will be shown, I’m going to purchase tickets online for sure seats!

Well, finally, last Friday the anticipation was over! Imagine You and Me made us ‘kilig’ once again with its simple, yet, beautiful story. The wonderful view of Como Italy is even more fantastic with the great cinematography of the movie. Kudos to Direk Mike Tuviera! Alden and Maine were able to portray their characters very well. It is totally different from their persona in Kalyeserye. And of course, the ending will make everyone squeak and shout, and you will know why once you’ll see the movie. :)

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