Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung in Cebu ?>

Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung in Cebu

I’ve been a silent shipper of Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung ever since I’ve watched Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Their chemistry is undeniable that they’ve been called a visual couple. And so, when I heard the news that the cast and crew of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds will have their vacation slash holiday in Cebu, I was so excited to see more pictures of them together since it’s impossible to see them in person (I have to fly to get there and my husband will not like it, lol!).

However, Filipino fans were criticized when airport pictures and videos came out, it looks like they were mobbed especially Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung. Not being biased, but as a Filipino fan myself, I think they got too excited seeing them in person (well, who would have thought these popular Korean celebrities will choose Philippines as their holiday destination?).

Instagram photo (cto)



Based on the photos, Bo Gum got a little scared, maybe he thought the fans will poke and grab him. But he was even smiling especially Jin Young. Apparently, they didn’t expect that their drama is also a huge hit in the Philippines and they have many fans here.






Some fan says Park Bo Gum and Kwak Dong Yeon were even apologetic that they could not grant picture taking while they were at the hotel. While Kim Yoo Jung is really a sweetie, here’s a testimonial of what happened when she arrived in Cebu Airport.

cto (Anne Lalaine Alvarico FB post)

We understand though that they went here in our country for a vacation and not for some sort of fan meeting or advertisement so other fans really restrained their selves from getting close to them.

cto (@ellainebp’s twitter post)

And for the Filipino fans out there, especially Cebuanos, I hope we can be a little cautious when we see them up close and personal as so we won’t be misjudged by fellow fans in other parts of the world. To the cast and crew of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, we hope you will have a fun and memorable vacation in Cebu. Kamsahamnida! :)



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