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21 Guns Lyrics by Green Day ?>

21 Guns Lyrics by Green Day

21 Guns by Green Day is my current favorite song. But I like the version with the Cast of American Idiot better. Here’s the video and lyrics: Do you know what’s worth fighting for? When it’s not worth dying for? Does it take your breath away And you feel yourself suffocating?



Happy New Year to all! =) Before the year 2008 ended, I was able to watch two movies included in the annual Metro Manila Film Festival or MMFF. Together with my family, we watched Iskul Bukol The Reunion top billed by the famous trio- Tito, Vic, and Joey. As usual, it was hilariously funny especially the scenes with Ryan Agoncillo who played a Cambodian mute. I wanted to watch Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat as my sister said she was laughing…

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Marie Digby ?>

Marie Digby

Marie Digby’s Say It Again is topping the Myx chart. I love the song! Marie became popular with her acoustic cover of Umbrella by Rihanna when it was broadcast on You Tube. One can easily notice this girl because she is pretty and she can play piano and guitar. I thought she has Filipino blood when I first saw her on tv. I later discovered that her is mother is Japanese and her father is Irish-American. She is the eldest…

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Coffee Prince ?>

Coffee Prince

Yoon Eun-hye has come back, and she’s funnier than ever! In Coffee Prince, she portrays a very cute and funny role as a tomboyish girl, far different from her role in Princess Hours wherein she was a Crowned Princess. In Princess Hours, she was very cute with her uniform and very girly with her long hair but in Coffee Prince, Yoon Eun-hye agreed to cut off her hair to live up with her character.

Take Me, I’ll Follow ?>

Take Me, I’ll Follow

Heto national anthem namin ng mga officemates ko sa ngayon hehe… Got heard of this with my ate when she requested me to dowload this version of Aiza Seguerra on her iPod.. then, I learned na dinownload din pala ni Khryz to her cellphone… The original version is from Bobby Caldwell :) Tired of feeling all by myself Being so different from everyone else Somehow you knew I needed your help Be my friend forever I never found my star…

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Half-Crazy ?>


Half-Crazy lyrics revived by Freestyle Know I havent slept a week at all Since you?ve been gone And my eyes are kinda tired From crying all night long Know I?ve never been too good at cooking just for one It?s so lonely here without you darling Come back home ?Cause I?m half crazy Feelin? sorry for myself Half crazy Worried you?d find someone else to love

My Girl Addict ?>

My Girl Addict

?You still haven?t grown outta that chinky stuff huh?? Spook will gonna tell this line again for sure. I know, but this time I?m really addicted to My Girl Koreanovela. I can still remember the time when I was gaga over Meteor Garden, I think the level of my craziness then with that Taiwanovela is now compared with My Girl. Only You and Kim Sam Soon are runners up only now. I so love Lee Da Hae (Jasmin), she?s so…

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Pinoy band rocks!!! ?>

Pinoy band rocks!!!

Pinoy bands invade music industry… and I just love their songs! Here are some of my recent faves. Click on the title for the lyrics: Nasaan Ka by The Pupils I by 6cyclemind Sandalan by 6yclemind Bye Bye Na by Rivermaya Tulog Na by Sugarfree Makita Kang Muli Toll Gate by Hale Narda by Kamikazee Ewan Ko by Soap Dish