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The Diary of Anne Frank ?>

The Diary of Anne Frank

Back in high school, I remember reading an excerpt of the book: The Anne Frank’s Diary. It is a story of a young girl’s life and his family inside a secret hideout to avoid being arrested by the Nazis during the German occupation to get rid of Jews in Germany. It was only this time that I have read the book from cover to cover. I found the book from my Uncle’s collection. Anne Frank wrote on her diary about…

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LETTER FROM CARLO (husband of a woman who died in the Glorietta blast) ?>

LETTER FROM CARLO (husband of a woman who died in the Glorietta blast)

Yesterday, my boyfriend sent me this email which saddened me yet, at the same time inspired us both. He noted the author’s regrets which clearly emphasized his message. In case you have not read this yet, please read and be inspired. He is the husband of a woman who died in the Glorietta blast. Subject: From Carlo Cruz Good day everyone, I wish I were writing under different circumstances. I would like to inform you that my wife Leslie Cruz…

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St. Peter2k Charity-Reunion ‘06 ?>

St. Peter2k Charity-Reunion ‘06

My grandma?s celebrating her 80th birthday on Saturday. I thank God for giving her more strength, together with my grandpa who?s already 83 years old. Although we?re town apart, I?m sure that they are well taken care of by our relatives. But sometimes, we?re unable to visit them every week because of work. But during my high school class reunion last December, I realized I should spend more time with them.   December 23, 2006? I went to Starbucks at…

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