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He’s Beautiful Koreanovela ?>

He’s Beautiful Koreanovela

ABS-CBN’s He’s Beautiful has finally caught my attention!  It is also known as You’re Beautiful or A.N. Jell. It was released last year in Korea and it was a big hit. This year, ABS-CBN bought the rights to be shown here in the Philippines. The main casts are: Park Sin Hye – the cute leading lady who disguises as  her twin brother in He’s Beautiful. She plays Go Mi Nam (the twin brother) and Go Mi Nyu (as the twin…

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Full House Pinoy Version ?>

Full House Pinoy Version

The Koreanovela’s big hit in the Philippines, Full House, will finally have its Pinoy Version on GMA-7. Richard Gutierrez will play the role of Bi/Rain as Justin Lee. While, Heart Evangelista will play as Jessie Han as portrayed by Song Hye Kyo.

Boys Over Flowers ?>

Boys Over Flowers

The Boys Over Flowers fever is now infecting me (*wink*). This Korean adaptation of Taiwanese Meteor Garden is gaining popularity in Philippines since its airing last May 11, 2009. THE CAST: Lee Min-ho as Gu Jun Pyo, the leader of F4 or also known as Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden. Lee Min-ho instantly became a heartthrob after being chosen to play the lead role. He looks like Jerry Yan, the Dao Ming Si of Meteor Garden. I guess his…

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Only You Koreanovela: Tagalog Version ?>

Only You Koreanovela: Tagalog Version

Will Angel Locsin, Sam Milby and Diether Ocampo live up the role of Jillian, Jonathan and Tj of the hit Koreanovela: Only You? This will take place the slot of Betty La Fea, on which it will have its final conclusion this week. On the original Only You Koreanovela, Jillian is played by the pretty Han Chae Young, who also starred in Sassy Girl and has a cameo role in My Girl (as the long lost cousin of Lee Dong…

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Meteor Garden Filipino Version ?>

Meteor Garden Filipino Version

Marimar, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, My Girl, I Love Betty La Fea, and Lalola – these localized version are today’s hype among primetime television. It is so that many asianovela fanatics are wondering, why not the two giant networks (ABS-CBN 2 and GMA-7) consider a Meteor Garden Filipino Version? I remember, I was so crazy over Meteor Garden then, that I was so happy when my brother went to Hongkong and bought me the original soundtrack of Meteor Garden. Me and my sister…

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Three Dads with One Mommy ?>

Three Dads with One Mommy

Three Dads with One Mommy is the newest primetime Koreanovela of ABS-CBN aired every Monday to Thursday at 10:15 p.m. I found the story very cute and interesting that I don’t want to miss a single episode of it. It stars one of the beautiful actresses of Korea – Eugene Kim. She previously starred in Save the Last Dance and Wonderful Life. In Three Dads with One Mommy, she plays Lizette, a young mother struggling to raise her daughter after…

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My Girl Remake Updates ?>

My Girl Remake Updates

Just a bit info on My Girl Remake. Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson will definitely take the role as Jasmin and Julian respectively. Cast includes Enchong Dee, Regine Angeles, and introducing newcomer David Chua. Sam Milby was considered on the role of Gong Chan or Julian but apparently, Gerald was chosen. Buzz has it that they will make Gerald more mature-looking to fit the role because in the original, Julian was a young professional. They even hired a Korean stylist…

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Coffee Prince ?>

Coffee Prince

Yoon Eun-hye has come back, and she’s funnier than ever! In Coffee Prince, she portrays a very cute and funny role as a tomboyish girl, far different from her role in Princess Hours wherein she was a Crowned Princess. In Princess Hours, she was very cute with her uniform and very girly with her long hair but in Coffee Prince, Yoon Eun-hye agreed to cut off her hair to live up with her character.

My Girl Addict ?>

My Girl Addict

?You still haven?t grown outta that chinky stuff huh?? Spook will gonna tell this line again for sure. I know, but this time I?m really addicted to My Girl Koreanovela. I can still remember the time when I was gaga over Meteor Garden, I think the level of my craziness then with that Taiwanovela is now compared with My Girl. Only You and Kim Sam Soon are runners up only now. I so love Lee Da Hae (Jasmin), she?s so…

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