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Tom Mott Forced Eviction on PBB ?>

Tom Mott Forced Eviction on PBB

Pinoy Big Brother Double Up votes has been stopped this week because Tom Mott was granted forced eviction by Big Brother. After three consecutive losses on the Pinoy Big Battle, Tom was pressured and out of control. His determination to win in the game made him reacted violently. He punched the wall, thus violating Big Brother’s house rules. Tom has to leave Big Brother’s House tomorrow night.

Hermes of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Double Up Edition ?>

Hermes of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Double Up Edition

Hermes Bautista of Pinoy Big Brother Season 3 Double Up Edition is a proud Kapampangan although he was born in United States. He stayed in San Agustin, City of San Fernando Pampanga during his teen-age years. When Hermes entered Big Brother’s house, he was not quite on a spotlight. But recently, due to Carol’s obvious “thing” on him that she even accused him of being a flirt, he’s getting attention now. Although some says, he looks like a “call boy”….

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PBB Teen Edition Plus Season 2 Final Four ?>

PBB Teen Edition Plus Season 2 Final Four

So who’s the fantastic four on Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Season 2? Alex of Italy was vote out with only 5.7% votes. That’s left Nikki, Beauty, Robi and EJ inside the house. Alex was still in shock when he went out of Kuya’s house and while being escorted by Toni. But he was so happy when he saw his Dad who traveled just to watch Alex, incidentally, on his last night inside the house.

Shy of PBB ?>

Shy of PBB

Last week, Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus introduced the House Player ng Bayan. Shy was to stay for a week and has successfully completed her tasks except one – that is to handcuff Robi while he was sleeping. Last night, she was seen finally without the mask. Who is Shy? Her real name is Sharleen Farina Runkle. She’s 18 years old. There are rumors that Shy is Gerald’s ex-girlfriend and I found this video on You Tube:

When She Cries ?>

When She Cries

Yeah, that?s the favorite song of Ate Lolit, my officemate; and Wendy and Bruce of PBB?s theme song. What?s the catch? Well, every time I hear the song, it reminds me of Wendy?s overreacting inside the Big Brother?s house. She cries too loud, especially when Nel was evicted. Was it because Nel was out and not her or was it a cry of relief? I?m not really an anti-Wendy but I?m annoyed every time I see her cry. It seems…

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Keanna’s advice ?>

Keanna’s advice

?Kapag nalulungkot ka, isipin mo lang ang mga tao sa ICU.? Have heard of this line? Right, Keana Reeves said this on Pinoy Big Brother last night. I actually laughed when she said this to Rico Robles, a disc jockey and also a housemate. But when you ponder deeply to the sentence, aba, sensible din pala si Keana! There were times that I find myself feeling alone and sad. During those times, my ?therapy? is to talk to Him and…

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Nene’s the Winner of Pinoy Big Brother ?>

Nene’s the Winner of Pinoy Big Brother

My favorite among the housemates finally emerged as the first Pinoy Big Brother winner. Jennivev “Nene” Santillan Tamayo is a millionaire now, much to the envy of other pinoys (hell yeah, including me!). Well, she deserves it anyway ? with her strong personality and right attitude, no doubt she was chosen by the pinoys to be the winner. That puts to rest the issue that PBB is scripted. Actually, I?m not a big fan of PBB. I missed many of…

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