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Haiti Earthquake ?>

Haiti Earthquake

The Haiti earthquake that happened 2 days ago is the worst tragedy that happened in this country. It is feared that almost 500,000 died in the Intensity 7 earthquake. Search and retrieval operations still continues as hundreds or even thousands were still trapped in the rabbles, including Pinoys OFWs and Philippines’ military contingents. Let’s continue to pray for their safety.

Whitaker-Rajaram Murders ?>

Whitaker-Rajaram Murders

Family murders are very alarming now-adays. On October 10, 2008, Kent Whitaker will appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about the aftermath of the murder. Kent Whitaker is the only┬ásurvivor on the shootings that happened last December of 2003 in Sugar Land, Texas. His wife, Patricia and son – Kevin died at the incident. The suspect: his other son – my namesake: Bart. What trigger Bart to hire a gunman and kill his family? Money. And then, just…

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MV Princess of the Star Tragedy ?>

MV Princess of the Star Tragedy

Another tragedy hit the Philippines. MV Princess of the Star was turned upside down during the typhoon Frank. 800 something passengers and crews are still missing. As to date, there are only about 30 survivors who managed to jump off the ship before it was tossed down by giant waves. Sea tragedies are not new in our country, it often occur during typhoons or due to negligence of the owners. About 20 typhoons are passing through our country each year….

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RCBC Cabuyao Massacre ?>

RCBC Cabuyao Massacre

I got these pics of the RCBC massacre in Cabuyao, Laguna that happened on May 16, 2008 from my officemate. The bank manager, PR manager, tellers, janitor, security guard and a client were all killed. Such a hideous crime! All victims were shot in the head, it was really a horrific sight.

LETTER FROM CARLO (husband of a woman who died in the Glorietta blast) ?>

LETTER FROM CARLO (husband of a woman who died in the Glorietta blast)

Yesterday, my boyfriend sent me this email which saddened me yet, at the same time inspired us both. He noted the author’s regrets which clearly emphasized his message. In case you have not read this yet, please read and be inspired. He is the husband of a woman who died in the Glorietta blast. Subject: From Carlo Cruz Good day everyone, I wish I were writing under different circumstances. I would like to inform you that my wife Leslie Cruz…

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WOWOWEE tragedy ?>

WOWOWEE tragedy

It should be a happy celebration of Wowowee’s first anniversary show, but instead, it became a traumatic tragedy for the family of those who died and got hurt on the stampede. I seldom watch an afternoon show, but if time permits, I?d rather watch Eat Bulaga than Wowowee. But today, my attention was caught by Wowowee. The news was blaring that 61 people died already on the stampede outside Ultra, where the event should take place. It just saddens me…

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