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Antonio Margarito mocks Freddie Roach ?>

Antonio Margarito mocks Freddie Roach

Antonio Margarito mocks Manny Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach by making fun of the latter’s Parkinson’s Disease. Brandon Rios was also seen making faces and stutters while talking. It was caught on video and has made a trend in the net. It was reported that Margarito’s trainer, Robert Garcia, already apologized for the video and was quoted saying: “This was nothing to do with the disease that Freddie Roach has. We know it’s something that we don’t wish nobody,” Garcia said. “It’s something personal,…

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Mc Zani ?>

Mc Zani

Another Filipino makes a name! Mc Zani is the 2008 UK Beatbox Champion. He is awesome! I can’t believe it’s all just coming from his mouth, the sound produced by his mouth-together with his tounge, lips and throat seems like fake-but of course, it isn’t. That’s pure talent. Mc Zani’s real name is Dean Hosenie.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar De La Hoya Results ?>

Manny Pacquiao vs. Oscar De La Hoya Results

   On what would be an inevitable boxing match, on December 6, 2008 – Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao agreed to a fight on a catchweight of 147 lbs. that will be held at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.   Some says that the Golden Boy is just coward in facing Margarito so he picked Pacman instead. Why not give the man a benefit of the doubt? Sure he lost his title to Floyd Mayweather II, but he…

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Charice Pempengco at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade ?>

Charice Pempengco at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

On November 27, 2008, Charice Pempengco sung live at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. As usual, Charice is amazing as she sung Celine Dion’s Because You Love Me. She is regarded as “Internet Phenomenal Diva” from the Philippines. The said event is Charice numerous performance internationally. She was first noticed in You Tube when someone posted a face-off video between her and Bianca Ryan, America’s Got Talent winner. She was then invited to perform to Star King, a talent show from…

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Pinoy Fear Factor Vs. Survivor Philippines ?>

Pinoy Fear Factor Vs. Survivor Philippines

Two new reality shows on two giant networks. Both will test the physical and mental capabilities of chosen Filipino contestants. Thousands of Filipinos flocked in during the audition. But who will gain the most number of viewership? The Show Pinoy Fear Factor        Pinoy Fear Factor is an upcoming reality show of ABS-CBN. A franchise of Endemol’s Fear Factor Extreme, the location was shot at Argentina, South America thus the show was also dubbed: Pinoy Fear Factor South America. Twelve contestants…

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Camp Rock ?>

Camp Rock

Camp Rock is Disney’s TV second highest rated of all time after High School Musical 2. Starring the Jonas brothers: Kevin, Joe, and Nick with hits: “Hold On” and “SOS”. The tv movie introduces Demi Lovato who plays as Mitchi Torres. Camp Rock had its premiere on June 20, 2008 on Disney Channel. The story is about Mitchie (Demi Lovato) who dreams of being a part of the prestigious Camp Rock. Luckily, her mother was hired by the Director of…

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Marie Digby ?>

Marie Digby

Marie Digby’s Say It Again is topping the Myx chart. I love the song! Marie became popular with her acoustic cover of Umbrella by Rihanna when it was broadcast on You Tube. One can easily notice this girl because she is pretty and she can play piano and guitar. I thought she has Filipino blood when I first saw her on tv. I later discovered that her is mother is Japanese and her father is Irish-American. She is the eldest…

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Urduja ?>


According to Wikipedia: Urduja (ca. 1350 C.E – 1400 C.E.), is a legendary warrior-princess who is recognized as a heroine in Pangasinan. The name Urduja appears to be Sanskrit in origin, and a variation of the Sanskrit name “Urja,” meaning “Breath.” Urduja is the fist animated film produced and made by Filipinos for local viewers. It is a tale of a love triangle involving a warrior princess, a Chinese pirate and an ambitious tribal captain. Urduja’s voice is by Regine…

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American Idol Season 7 Winner: David Cook ?>

American Idol Season 7 Winner: David Cook

David Cook garnered 56% of votes declaring him as the winner of American Idol Season 7! Here’s a video tribute for David Cook: Cook’s fans didn’t let the judges declare Archuleta as the winner as he got only 44% of the votes. The American Idol top 12 performed “Get Ready“. After which, the two Davids sang a duet of “Hero“, promoting the new movie of Mike Myers: The Love Guru. While Syesha Mercado and Seal sang “Waiting For You“.Jason Castro…

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