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All about ?>

All about

My Yearbook ( is now one of the fastest growing social networks on the Internet. Would you believe that it was actually founded by two highschool students?  Catherine and Dave Cook were 15 and 16 years old respectively when they first started My Yearbook. Actually, I came across My Yearbook through a friend and when I checked it out, I was fascinated by the site’s features. In it, you can customize your page more interestingly than of your Friendster or…

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Brian Gorell’s Blog ?>

Brian Gorell’s Blog

I came across Brian Gorell’s blog through my friend’s site , mentioning the hottest gossip in Philippines’ popular socialites. His blog is really shocking, if he is really telling the truth. I have watched the issue between Gorrell and his alleged Filipino ex-lover, Delfin Justiniano or DJ Montano on ABS-CBN news. Brian Gorrell claimed that Montano took his savings amounting to $70,000 dollars and would not give it back. The money is supposedly for their venture of restaurant on Boracay,…

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Beach Resorts ?>

Beach Resorts

It’s summer time once again, and one of the best place to stay is to have a refreshing vacation over at a beach resort. One of the good directory that I came across when searching for resort in Batangas is It has good listings of beach resorts from different locations, and I find it useful for me to find nice and captivating beach resort that is just within my reach, because it has information about the resort, contact number,…

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